Ibanez Electric, Bass and Acoustic guitars

The brand of Ibanez products needs little introduction and has been a major player in the international market for 40 years designing and producing some of the worlds most sought after electric and bass guitars.

Some of the classics include the SteveVai jem series, the RG and S series of guitars of which have become timeless additions to this range since the 1980s.

Ibanez has remained innovative over the decades and has produced revolutions in design and engineering to keep up with today’s musicians playing styles including the Zero point tremolo systems and titanium reinforced super slim fast playing necks, and don’t forget the unique7 string guitars were first born from Ibanez.

We support a wide range of Ibanez instruments in store for you to try and can advise you of the latest up and coming edition models prior to there release.

All Ibanez guitars purchased at Guitar Factory Penrith will include 12 months of FREE set up and servicing to ensure the best possible set up for you is maintained long after your purchase.

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