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Guitar Factory Penrith - established in 1989 & open 7 days - has now been serving Sydney’s outer west’s musical community for the past 25 years and has become a destination store for beginners, collectors and stage performers.

New Arrivals!!

Maton Solid Road Series

The new Maton SRS series of guitars is the culmination of years of development and fine tuning by Maton's senior luthiers and production designers.
Maton have improved the neck geometry, bracing patterns and body construction of their acoustic guitars with stunning results and improved production methods have made it possible to produce these all solid timber guitars more effectively than ever before and the playability and tonal benefits are amazing.

The backs and tops of these guitars are able to resonate more freely and have a huge dynamic range. The scalloped bracing of the ESRS70C provides a superior bass response and a rich midrange. The ramped bracing of the ESRS60C creates a focused, bright tone. Improved neck/body geometry produces a neck that is a joy to play. Difficult chord shapes and complex single note runs are much easier to execute and increased tonal response improves acoustic projection. A bone nut and saddle ensure maximum tone and sustain.
Both guitars are finished in Maton's tuned Satin pre-catalysed Nitro finish.
These guitars redefine what is possible in a production built guitar.
. . . . . . . . . . . .

Mooer Effects Pedals
The micro pedals feature compact size (about 1/2 the size of a standard pedal), true bypass switching and utilize many rare or difficult to find chips that replicate classic effect pedals. Mooer Micro pedals are sure to be a hit with players looking to add just one or two or three more pedals to their already crowded pedals boards.                                                                                                                                   
Mooer currently have a range of over 40 pedals which include modulation, dynamics, distortion and overdrive effects as well as an A/B switch and D.I box with cabinet simulation.
Each pedal retails for $109.95 and the Firefly pedal case retails for $129.95.
To check out the entire range of these pedals CLICK HERE!

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

Guitar Factory Penrith is associated with Sydney’s oldest franchise group of specialty guitar retail outlets first established in 1972. we will soon be approaching our 40th anniversary of trading in 2012.

As you know you can’t buy experience, however at our Penrith store we are happy to provide it all to you when you visit our store for FREE. All of our friendly experienced and informative staff offer you the customer the ultimate package of the buying experience through our tailor matched product to person advice that ensures the products you choose and the price we give is just right for you.

On any given day you may also consult with one of many on staff guitar Technicians on any required set up or service work for your instrument. Or consult on more advanced work like repair or damage to your guitar, pickup installations, re frets, school instrument building projects etc. Our rates are competitive and turn around time is always good.

Guitar Factory Penrith store also offers our customers 12 months of FREE set up and service work on any guitar purchased saving you hundreds of dollars for any personal or required work on your instrument long after your purchase.

Our store displays and sources a wide range of the Big Brand Name products in acoustic, electric and bass guitars, all types of amplification including PA systems, guitar effects, home digital recording, strings and accessories, pickups, DVDs , books and much much more.

All in store instruments have been fully set up by our technicians to play at there best for you on the day you arrive to try them out.

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